Tigertailz - Thrill Pistol/Wazbones


First completely new album since the glam metallers' reformation.
Castle Music: 27 August 2007

Last updated: 26 November 2008

There's a photo in the booklet that accompanies Thrill Pistol of the Boyz (wake up at the back, they use Zs for any hard S sound) of an American side street in 1992. The first thing you notice is the insanely large codpiece action. It kind of sets the tone for this double CD set.

Thrill Pistol cover


  • Brain The Sucker
  • Long Live The New Flesh
  • Twisted
  • Thrill Pistol
  • Milez Away
  • Natural Born Animal
  • Only You
  • Tongwynlais Fly
  • Hanging By The Heelz
  • Serpent Queen

CD one is Thrill Pistol, a wholly new 10 track blast through sleaze rock riffola and Motley Crue-style layered vocals. It's big, brash and Jay Peppered with 'I'll-love-you-in-the-morning- but-can-you-have-sex-with-me-now' ballads.

A lady who's spent too long in the tanning salon decorates the front cover, wielding a pistol. I think it might be a metaphor for a winkle. Hoary old rock clichés are the unashamed stock in trade of the 'Tailz.

Should it matter? No, not for a second. It's a riot, this glam metal thing. When the middle eight in Natural Born Animal widdles to its axe-wrecking conclusion, it's impossible not to smile.

CD two is Wazbones US, an album that cost a lot of money but never got released. It was recorded in 1992 when Kurtn'n'co were stripping Skid Row, Mötley Crüe and Cinderella of any credibility. Tigertailz never stood a chance.

But there's enough here to suggest that they could have been contenders five years previously. The title track's waspish guitar, the anthemic sleazerock songwriting and the liberal use of swearing could have appealed to the mallrat demographic of the mid-1980s (check Make Me Bleed for the proof).

As a double pack, Thrill Pistol/Wazbones might be too much for one sitting, but dip in and out and the rewards are there.

Words: James McLaren

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