Tigertailz - Bezerk 2.0


Long-awaited follow-up to their classic album.
Demolition: 23 June 2006

Last updated: 26 November 2008

When in 1990 the original Bezerk came out, South Wales' Tigertailz were one of the UK's very few hard rock bands doing American-style glam metal, influenced by the likes of Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue and Poison.

Bezerk 2.0 cover


  • Bezerk
  • One Beat Of Your Heart
  • I Believe
  • TVOD
  • Falling Down
  • Make Me Bleed
  • Get Real
  • Annie'z Gone
  • For Hate'z Sake
  • Sugar Fever
  • Dirty Needlez

But this fret-bothering, vest-wearing, perm-sporting music has inspired genuine devotion in fans. Tigertailz, now signed to Demolition Records (who also count Hanoi Rocks and Twisted Sister among their roster), are reaping the benefits with live tours and this album.

The follow-up to their most successful LP, Bezerk 2.0 sounds as if grunge and alt.rock never happened. Joyful in its rock ridiculousness, it's a fun, wig-out listen for those who feel no shame in playing air guitar.

The one and a half minute intro to the LP, Bezerk, establishes their agenda: "In the year 1990, they drove the whole world bezerk. Now, get ready to go bezerk all over again," intones a menacing voice over squealing guitar and a Wildhearts-esque riff. Let's ignore the last 16 years, they seem to say. And they almost succeed.

They are swaggering, posturing, posing rock gods in spandex. Get Real is lairy boogie rock in the Poison/Motley camp, while I Believe is gargantuan balladeering melded with a histrionic gospel choir and operatic cheesiness. It's a little clumsy, and certainly no November Rain-sized single, but it's grin-inducing and full of cheap rock thrills.

Remembering that all the huge albums in this genre had budgets in the millions and either Mutt Lange or Bob Rock behind the desk, Tigertailz do a good job on a comparatively threadbare budget. Producer Tim 'Thighpaulsandra' Lewis gives it as much sheen as he can.

The goth-tinged Dirty Needlez (yes, they're continuing their z-fixation) ends the album, and you're left with a feeling akin to that after eating a Big Mac. You got nourishment, but you'll feel empty again in a little while. Bezerk 2.0 is fleeting but great fast-food rock, and should be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

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