Super Furry Animals - Dafydd Ieuan

Dafydd Ieuan

Last updated: 03 December 2008

Born: 1 March 1969, Bangor
Roles: Drums, percussion, vocals

Daf is the drummer in the Furries. Prior to their formation, he played in Ffa Coffi Pawb with Gruff, and also in the pre-fame Catatonia.

It's like an adventure, really. You know, it's the five of us that make the records. We don't have a conductor

Dafydd Ieuan

Winning the drum stool in the Super Furries was a small victory in itself, as all the band started out as drummers. Indeed, Daf originally met Gruff in a drum workshop in a youth club.

Daf is Cian's brother - they were brought up together in Anglesey. However, the practicalities of making music soon led to a move. As Daf once told the Melody Maker, "I think Anglesey is a dump, which is why I used to go to Bangor, on the mainland.

"Me and Cian were brought up in a house surrounded by fields and cows. And silage. And rabbits... For me and Cian and Gruff, moving was more a matter of practicality. It was necessity, and fate maybe."

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