Super Furry Animals - Cian Ciaran

Cian Ciaran

Last updated: 03 December 2008

Born: 16 June 1976, Bangor
Roles: Keyboards, samples, vocals, steel drums, guitar

The youngest member of the band, Cian is also Daf's brother. He began dabbling in "electronic dance stuff" at the age of 13 and, prior to the formation of SFA, played in the electronica group WWZZ.

The best plans are the ones you don't tell anyone An element of surprise! We're planning live human cloning so we can stay at home and send them out on tour.


s the band's main programmer and keyboard player, Cian is responsible for much of SFA's kaleidoscopic quality, although all the members dabble with technology. Yet from the Total Recall sample that closed their live shows, to the wall of bleeps in No Sympathy, he's a key player.

Cian was largely responsible for the long-lost SFA instrumental electronic album. There was talk of it being released around the time of Mwng, but nothing has appeared under the group's name, at least.

Phantom Power's closing song, Slow Life, was an instrumental Cian had been working on for two years, before the band worked out what to do with it. Indeed, SFA have claimed they normally improve on their more experimental moments during soundchecks and live shows, after they've had time to redigest the recorded versions.

Cian played guitar on Night Vision, sang the chorus of the Goldie Lookin' Chain collaboration Motherfokker, and is also a member of the South Wales techno-art collective Acid Casuals.

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