Stuart Cable

Stuart Cable

Last updated: 08 June 2010

Stuart Cable 1970-2010
We take a look back at the life of one of Welsh music's biggest personalities.

Stuart Cable was born on 19 May 1970 and grew up in the small Valleys town of Cwmaman, in the same street as Kelly Jones.

His musical education was hard rockin' - Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Cream, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bad Company and the Rolling Stones sat next to Mother Love Bone, Metallica and Pearl Jam in his collection as he entered his 20s.

By the time he formed Tragic Love Company with Kelly Jones and their friend Richard Jones, he had been with the duo for some years, performing cover versions and honing his drumming skills.

While Kelly was the dark, brooding, sexy one and Richard was the tall, quiet one, the older Stuart was Animal. He grinned, gurned and gooned behind the kit, pummelling them into submission. His personality shone through and it was clear to see that he was a Proper Character.

Luckily, they were convinced to change their name and his father's record player provided the inspiration. Stereophonics were born.

His work on the first four albums, combined with his live performances made him very well known. Rarely among modern bands, Cable became known independently of his bandmates and even had a profile outside Stereophonics. Many saw him as a new Keith Moon: more than competent behind the kit, he was hard-rocking and hard-living.

His media career took off in 2002 with the BBC Wales chatshow Cable TV. He interviewed stars in the back of a New York cab; it was a relaxed, informal format that suited his personality. His media appearances contributed to his sacking from Stereophonics in 2003, for commitment problems.

He admitted later in his book Demons And Cocktails that "It was the darkest time of my entire life. Until that point... I had never considered something as stupid as suicide, but [as Stereophonics played the Millennium Stadium without him] I could really understand why people get depressed enough to do it".

His personal life became complicated around that time too. Having had a son, Cian, with his wife in 2001, he had a relationship with TV personality Lisa Rogers in 2003. But he settled down gradually into a life after the band. He remained in the Cwmaman area, and was always a proud Valleys boy.

Of his home, 'Castle Cable', he told us in 2002, "I can shut my gates and see nobody. I'm in a great spot, I've got excellent neighbours, and you know, if I wanted to strip down naked and run around my garden, I could. Which is good, because I wouldn't want anybody else to see that".

He formed a new band, Killing For Company. Their classic-rock infused traditional music was something he was very passionate about; and they were readying their debut album by spring 2010.

He also continued his media career, with TV's Cable Connects in 2005 and Cable Rock on Radio Wales too. He co-hosted the Kerrang! awards and also broadcast on the rock magazine's radio show.

Xfm was his new home in 2007 and he hosted a show until the station was sold. He returned to Radio Wales in 2010 for Saturday Night Cable, a show that was running at the time of his death.

On Monday 7 June 2010 he was found dead at his home. Within the day, many fans had paid tribute on the BBC Wales Music blog while music industry people and other bands made their feelings known.

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