Seindorf Beaumaris Band

Seindorf Beamaris Band

There has been a band in Beaumaris since the 1880s: initially a wind band, and a brass band since 1921. By the early 1980s, the lack of employment in the area made it difficult to sustain an adequate membership and radical moves had to be taken to ensure the band's survival.

Four local junior schools were targeted and the eight-10-year-olds encouraged and invited to form a new youth band. The result was overwhelming and 42 children, most with limited musical ability, turned up for the first rehearsal.

Fred Evans bore most of the responsibility during this period and was awarded the MBE in recognition of his pioneering contribution to the community. He continues to be a key figure in the organisation.

The band's title now extends to include five full brass ensembles which have a total membership of some 150 players.

The Senior Band is a Championship Section Band, The B Band competes in the Third Section, and there are three youth bands - the Seindorf Beaumaris Youth Band (some members of which also play in the Senior and B bands), the Intermediate Band and the Beginners Band.

All the bands, especially the two senior bands, perform and compete regularly and participate in all manner of band fund raising events and the rehearsal schedule means that the new band room, known as The Music Centre, is the towns busiest venue.

Apart from a rehearsal room, the premises also has a large function room and facilities for a recording studio.

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