Last updated: 21 July 2010

Revoker are a four-piece metal band from the Rhymney Valley.

Newly signed to the massive Roadrunner record label, probably the biggest metal and hard rock label in the world, Revoker are getting their first write-ups in the national rock press.

We thought the best way of introducing the band was to give them a platform so we caught up with Jamie in July 2010.

Introduce the band to our readers: who are you, where do you come from?

"We are Jamie Mathias on vocals and guitar, Chris Green on lead guitar, Shane Phillips on bass and Jack Pritchard on drums and we all come from Rhymney Valley, South Wales!"

Who form your influences?

"We share the same general influences - bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Pantera. However, we also bring individual influences to the table for writing, which makes the process interesting! It's good to have a mix of ideas to work with instead of everyone always being on exactly the same page, while still sounding like Revoker at the same time!."

How would you describe your music?

"Our music is hard-hitting, straight to the point, lots of energy, with great melodies people can sing and chant along to. It's a mixture of old school metal and hard rock; it's music that we want to hear and to hear more of. I don't think our sound has been heard for a while with the trends in music of late. Bands just seem to follow whatever the new thing is and what everyone's into at the time instead of striking out on their own. We are just being ourselves and writing music that we believe in and get a kick out of playing live."

How have you been able to get your music out to the wider record industry?

"Non-stop gigging from day one! We've been together now as a band for the last five years and we literally haven't stopped. From making demo after demo and gigging in every club around South Wales and parts of the UK in front of the sound guy and his three mates. You just work hard to meet people, other bands, get out there, and gradually build your profile - like every other signed and successful band that's been through it I guess!"

What's the story with your signing to Roadrunner? How did it come about?

"Well, after spending a few months in Not-In-Pill studios in Newport recording our first 10 songs we obviously wanted to release it on a label. Our management company sent the demos around various labels. Happily, Roadrunner bit instantly and before we knew it, the head of Roadrunner U.K was at our next show in Manchester! He approached us after we finished our set and a few days later we got a phone call from our management saying that Roadrunner wanted to sign us."

What does it mean to you to be signed to what is pretty much the biggest metal label in the world?

"We can't really explain how we feel at the moment - it still hasn't hit us! But it means everything to us. As I said before we've been gigging around non-stop for the last five years and we've all been in separate bands before that. We've always had one goal and that was to get a record deal. It's always been our dream to be signed to Roadrunner. It's every metal band's dream! It's surreal but it feels right at the same time; Roadrunner is the perfect home for us."

You're about to start work on your debut album with Benji Webbe; are you fans of his work in Dub War and Skindred?

"Absolutely! Well I've only recently started listening to Dub War because I was about six when they were out, but I have been a Skindred fan for years. I remember watching them live for the first time in the Studio bar in Merthyr Tydfil a few years back with the boys out of the band, and as Skindred always are, they were amazing live. We also supported them on a few dates on their last UK tour which was awesome and working with Benji as a producer is great too. He's been part of the music scene for a while now with a lot of experience, especially on what works well live. Two of Benji's ex band members will be engineering the album as well so it's a great environment and really exciting to be where we are at the moment."

When is it due for release, and what can people can expect from you for the rest of the year and into 2011? Any tours scheduled?

"We are looking to hit the studio anytime now. We have 16 tracks ready to record and we are aiming at an early 2011 release. On the touring side, our priority is to get the album recorded first, but after that it's straight on the road to start promoting it. This time next year everyone will know who Revoker are I guarantee you that..."

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