Parc and Dare Band

Parc and Dare Band

Founded in 1893, the Parc and Dare Band is one of Wales and the UK's best-known and respected brass bands.

Originally formed as the Cwmparc Temperance Drum and Fife Band in 1893, the band went all brass a year later to become the Cwmparc Silver Band. They later began receiving financial support from the Ocean Coal Company (who operated the Parc and the Dare collieries in the Treorchy area), giving rise to the Parc and Dare Workmen's Silver Band.

It is a source of much pride for the band that much of the band's early funding came from the miners who each contributed one penny per week from their own wages.

With the contraction of the mining industry throughout the 20th century, the band became ever-more reliant on its own fund-raising to survive.

Its achievements are legion, including dozens of championship wins, and fourteen victories as Champion Band of Wales. It has also placed well in the European Championships.

Many appearances on television and radio are also part of the band's history, with over 250 appearances on BBC radio. Songs Of Praise has also featured the band.

Its live appearances are the key part of the band's work, from small venues to some of the country's most prestigious: the Millennium Stadium, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Royal Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall.

The band has twinned with the 70-strong wind orchestra, Stadtorchester Ravensburg from Germany. The group has visited Wales and the Parc and Dare band looks forward to visiting Ravensburg.

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