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Nicky Wire

Last updated: 02 February 2009

The Manic Street Preachers' bassist shook the cobwebs off his solo work in 2006, resulting in the I Killed The Zeitgeist album.

Although the Manics' identity is indelibly tied up with glamour, intellect, scattergun political diatribes and caustic imagery, it's easy to forget that these were the products of their early years. Years in which Richey Edwards was the main aesthetic and lyrical driving force.

I'd be happy if I never left Wales again. It might seem like a prison to some people, but the prison I've put myself in makes me feel happy.

Nicky Wire

Those years are now far outweighed by the time in which Nicky Wire has taken that role. He's provided the link to their early years - sartorially and lyrically. As the Manics have grown older, and (in the eyes of some) grown more conservative, Nicky still has the power to be unusual and rebellious.

Famed for his love of sport and the joys of hoovering, it's reassuring to see him at gigs wearing dresses and feather boas.

Now though, it's not only his dress and lyrics that have been opened to the masses. For Nicky Wire has released I Killed The Zeitgeist, a solo album of lo-fi indie pop.

Supposedy taking time out between Manics albums, Wire decided to go into a studio local to his home in Newport and try out a couple of songs of his own. Six months later there were 20 songs from punk rock to reflective pop ditties to Krautrock. A taster track was available for one day on the Manics website - it turned out to be the title track of I Killed The Zeitgeist.

The album was trimmed down to 13 track and released in the same year as James Dean Bradfield's own solo effort. Both musicians were adamant to remain true to their promise to take a couple of years away from their main musical outlet, but Nicky, like James. felt the need to record and release material.

Wire launched his solo career with a gig at the Hay On Wye Festival on 5 June 2006. The album followed on 25 September 2006.

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