Lostprophets - Stuart Richardson

Stuart Richardson

Last updated: 03 December 2008

Born: 15 August 1973
Role: bass

Slightly older than the other men in Lostprophets, Stuart Richardson, like Jamie Oliver, is an appointment that didn't follow from the others' long history in the South Wales hardcore scene.

Music was the only thing that made me happy.

Stuart Richardson

Richardson told Kerrang! magazine in 2006, he "lived through movies and music" in his formative years. He was a fan of David Bowie and had a hard time in the tough schools of 1970s Rhondda.

Inspired by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, he decided that bass was the instrument for him at 15, and played in a few local bands over the years.

Richardson, by the late 1990s an engineer at Caephily's Front Line recording studio, had been aware of the likes of Fleshbind and Public Disturbance for a few years on the local scene. But when Lozt Prophetz formed and he heard their first demo, he knew they were on to something.

At his invitation, the band went to Front Line and saw him play bass for the first time. "He was just amazing - the best bassist we'd ever heard," Lewis told Kerrang! "So we invited him to join."

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