Lostprophets - Lee Gaze

Lee Gaze

Last updated: 03 December 2008

Born: 21 May 1975
Role: guitar

Lee Gaze was a couple of years older than the two childhood friends Ian Watkins and Mike Lewis, and didn't follow their degree of academic application.

Before I discovered music I was a total delinquent.

Lee Gaze

As he told Kerrang! magazine in 2006, "They were the kids that did better in school and, before I discovered music, I was a total delinquent".

A feeling of being an outsider was something Gaze felt keenly at school in Pontypridd. That is, until he discovered Iron Maiden in 1990. "I had just been listening to pop before that," he said. "A friend of mine got hold of a tape and played to me and we got obsessed.

"It changed the way I dressed, I met a whole new group of friends, it made me want to play an instrument."

Initially wanting to play drums, Gaze settled on guitar and in his teens, introduced to Watkins by a friend in Watkins' band, Aftermath. His friend swiftly left, and ironically Gaze took his place.

Now a solid musical duo, Gaze and Watkins formed Fleshbind, heavily influenced by hardcore punk. They were joined by Mike Lewis and they were becoming a core part of the south Wales hardcore scene.

But while Watkins and Lewis went on to become part of Public Disturbance, Lee stayed on the sidelines, until the advent of the Lozt Prophets side project which ran alongside PD.

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