Lostprophets - Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Last updated: 03 December 2008

Born: 16 July 1975
Role: keyboards

Jamie Oliver shouldn't ever have been a part of Lostprophets: he didn't share the hardcore punk background of Ian Watkins, Mike Lewis or Lee Gaze, he hadn't been in Lozt Prophets or the other pre-Lostprophets outfits, oh, and he wasn't a musician.

I wasn't a DJ - I just wanted to complement the music rather than just scratching over everything.

Jamie Oliver

A skater, artist and photographer, Oliver was beginning to be successful in his own right at the turn of the millennium. His talent for art meant his work was selling for healthy amounts and his name was becoming more widely known. He was studying for a degree in fine art at Bristol University.

All that changed when Lostprophets were mixing their debut, Fake Sound Of Progress.

He'd given his friend Ian Watkins a lift to the studio in Birmingham where the record was going through its final stages, and because of the rapport between him and the band, and the fun they had, Lostprophets were keen for Oliver to join them on the road, perhaps as a photographer.

Unable to swing it so Oliver could simply hitch a ride with the band, Watkins told his label that he was actually in the band. Oliver had to learn something, fast.

A fortnight learning the basics of scratch DJing meant that by the time of the tour in 2000, he was a bona fide member of Lostprophets.

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