Lostprophets interview (2006) - part three

Ian and Jamie of Lostprophets

Ian Watkins talks about supporting the local scene.

Last updated: 21 November 2008

At this point lead singer Ian Watkins wanders into the room as we're discussing his American-twang stage talk. "It's not being American, it's trying to have no accent at all," explains Stuart. "We just try being eloquent, otherwise it's garbled and no-one can understand it!" Ian seems happy and pumped up. "Can I join in?" he asks.

You're taking a lot of Welsh bands out on the road with you in the UK. Why was that and whose idea was it?

Jamie and Stuart: Him! [pointing to Ian]

Ian Watkins: Yeah, it was me. We're taking out The Blackout, Dopamine, Kids In Glass Houses, The Guns and Covergirl. We couldn't think of anyone else to take out!

Nah, we know all those bands and we're all friends with them. There are a lot of cool bands in the UK and they're at that level where they're just getting there.

They're bordering on some success and recognition, like The Blackout are doing a one-off single with Fierce Panda, which is where Muse, Coldplay and Hundred Reasons started y'know?

I just think they're good bands who deserve a shot. It's not like we're going to baby them and mollycoddle them, but if they get a shot, what they do with it then is up to them.

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