Gwilym Simcock

Gwilym Simcock

Gwilym Simcock

Last updated: 19 November 2008

If there's one person to be keeping an eye on in the world of jazz, it's new crossover hero Gwilym Simcock.

The London-based Welsh piano maestro drifts easily between the worlds of jazz and classical, wowing audiences and media in the process.

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Key works

  • Perception (2007)

    Perception may have been a long time coming, but it's a gem of a debut. Read BBC Music review
  • Gwilym Simcock, Catalyst

    Catalyst (2004)

    Simcock joins Malcolm Creese and Tim Garland to create a world-class trio, Acoustic Triangle.
  • Gwilym Simcock, Resonance

    Resonance (2006)

    Acoustic Triangle's second album, released in 2006.

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