Traditional musical instruments of Wales


It's part of Welsh culture and there's nothing else that can represent your own history and roots and their future more than your own musical culture.

Fiona Richie

Wales has a rich musical heritage, and although many of its traditional instruments are not commonly heard, there are still musicians keeping the folk tradition alive, arranging and performing melodies that have been popular for centuries.

Celebrating its musical roots helps confirm Wales' distinctive culture. As we enjoy the tunes, dances and instrumental forms that have delighted us for generations, we can become part of the tradition as it moves forward.


The crwth

One of the oldest of traditional Welsh instruments.

The pibgorn

The pibgorn is a simple reed instrument of shepherds.

The whistle and flute

A popular instrument with players throughout the world.

The harp

Wales has an unbroken tradition of harp playing.

The fiddle

Its music was popular with the great Romany familes of Wales.

Clog dancing

Wales' other unbroken tradition is its step or clog dancing.

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