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'Best of' collection from the Newport rockers.
Echo: 15 May 2006

Last updated: 20 November 2008

In the early 1990s, when Newport's Grant Nicholas and Jon Lee moved to London to further their musical career, they might never have believed that 15 years later Wales would hold them to its heart as one of the country's most popular bands.

Singles cover


  • Come Back Around
  • Buck Rogers
  • Shatter
  • Just The Way I'm Feeling
  • Lost And Found
  • Just A Day
  • High
  • Comfort In Sound
  • Feeling A Moment
  • Burn The Bridges
  • Tumble And Fall
  • Forget About Tomorrow
  • Tender
  • Pushing The Senses
  • Save Us
  • Seven Days In The Sun
  • Insomnia
  • Turn
  • Yesterday Went Too Soon
  • Suffocate

But that's the case in 2006 - and it's time to round up the vast majority of their top 40 singles. From the crunchy indie rock of their early material to the sweeping elegiac epics of latter years, Feeder have consistently dealt in solid if not spectacular melodic rock.

The 20 tracks included here aren't in chronological order, which helps the flow of the album: stonking 1990s hard rock such Suffocate sits beside more 'mature' tracks from the last few years. The critical point for Feeder came in 2002 with the suicide of Jon Lee. Although the demos for Comfort In Sound had already been recorded by his death, the event ripples through its tracks.

Contrasted with the bombast of Buck Rogers from their previous album, Echo Park, the likes of Come Back Around and Forget About A Tomorrow are deeply affecting. 2005's Pushing The Senses is a happy medium between the two, and it's easy to read the band's music reflecting an acceptance of the event. Latest single and new track Lost And Found is a further return to more spiky, rocky and angular music.

This album is a snapshot of the work of one of Wales' premier rock bands, and illustrates their consistency and quality control.

Words: James McLaren

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