Interview with Taka Hirose (2005)

Taka Hirose

Last updated: 23 January 2009

How did it feel to win the award?

It's fantastic. The Pop Factory have given us great support ever since we started. Being Japanese and in a so-called Welsh band, even though Grant is the only actual Welsh member of the band now, I'm an honorary Welshman and proud to be. The Welsh audiences continue to give us really amazing support and we really appreciate it, and to win the award for best album, that's great!

What did you think of your competition?

It is tough actually, I have to say. There are some great new acts at the moment too, especially Goldie Lookin' Chain who we've been touring with.

How have you coped with their rock 'n' roll excesses?

Well the funny thing is, they're actually really well behaved boys, like puppies!

What's been your highlight of the night so far?

It has to be GLC invading the stage. I didn't know what to expect as the ceremony is especially for the Welsh music scene and I'm Japanese.

Grant really wanted to come tonight but he lost his voice last night halfway through the show. After the Cardiff show he complained that his voice wasn't really right but he tried four or five songs last night and failed, which is a shame as we've had to cancel the tour.

Everyone is calling this album a return to form for Feeder. What have you got planned for your next album and do you feel pressured to follow up with something equally good?

Not really pressured but we're going to put out a singles album. All the singles will be on it and we've recorded a couple of new songs. Then we'll start a new album which I'm really looking forward to.

So the rumours that you are breaking up are unfounded?

Oh that was a stupid mix up. Grant just said that it would be our last album with our current label. It's the end of that six album deal, that's all. We're still not sure who we'll work with after that, we'll wait and see.

Obviously a lot of young people like your music. Do you feel pressured to be good role models?

To be honest when we make music we don't think about anything or anyone, we just create the music for ourselves. But after 10 years in the industry, when we meet some young bands and they tell us they used to listen to our music or they have been influenced by us, I am quite flattered. But maybe it's just that we are so old now, though it's still great to hear.

Who do you think will be the next big band from Wales to take the scene by storm?

Actually I really enjoyed that new band that performed tonight, The Automatic. They were really wacky and they've got energy, a pop sensibility and eccentricity, so they could be the next big thing.

Do you have any advice for the Automatic?

How old are they?

18, 19...

Oh, well just enjoy life! Just enjoy live music. When you're young it's a dream job, going on tour, the rock'n'roll life. Just have fun!

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