Amy Wadge - Woj

Amy Wadge

The long-awaited full-length debut album by singer-songwriter Amy Wadge.
Manhaton: 16 February 2004

Last updated: 26 November 2008

Two things you should know about Amy Wadge: firstly, her name is pronounced Wodge, hence the album title, after persistent wrong pronunciation. And secondly, that this is the kind of adept debut capable of blasting this sweet Valley girl skywards, from her current position as local acoustic starlet.

Amy Wadge, Woj album cover


  • Just In Time
  • Scream
  • Anywhere
  • Nothing
  • Open
  • Paris
  • Six Of One
  • Grace
  • Valley Boy
  • Prophet
  • June
  • Breathe
  • Adre'nöl

Essentially Woj is a demonstration of organic Sade-esque strummings, coated with Amy's gorgeously chocolate silk voice. Her first proper album reads like a free-flowing narrative, with tracks like Nothing cradling a feeling of such deep intimacy it might as well thrust a cup of cocoa into your hands and snuggle up by the fireplace.

But just as the sleepy-eyed day dream wears off, Six Of One and Valley Boy kick in with the country charm, twanging guitar and soulful croon last seen modelled by the likes of Sheryl Crow.

"Goodbye January/Hello June/I'm looking forward to you," whispers Wadge as the song June feels like the final chapter to an epic novel, a piece of work that fits together one welsh girls diary of devotion, humanity and emotion, all wrapped up in one cosy sound.

Words: Greg Cochrane

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