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17 October 2014

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New to Wales

We've got essential information for your area, as well as help pronouncing the everyday Welsh you'll see around you.

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How do I say...?

Get your tongue around pronouncing names, places and the alphabet.

About Wales
About Wales

Learn about your new home. Get the lowdown on Welsh life.

Jan's story
Your stories

"People care passionately about Wales and it's lovely to be a part of it."

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Use the tabs above to browse information on the map. Hear how to pronounce Welsh place names, get the lowdown on your essential local services or eavesdrop on conversations around Wales to find out how we sound.

how to sayHow to say: audio pronounciation
essentialsEssentials: your local services
voicesVoices: how do we sound?
thinking about learning Welsh?
These links will help you find courses near you:

Welsh for Adults

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