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16 October 2014
the Big Welsh Challenge

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Glyn Wise

Glyn Wise

The teenager from Blaenau Ffestiniog who shot to fame after appearing on Big Brother last year. Glyn was responsible for getting the Welsh language onto the front page of the Sun newspaper. He told housemates in Big Brother his ambition was to teach Welsh.

22nd January 2008

After Di faced her final challenge by taking a part in the Welsh language TV drama Rownd a Rownd

Glyn arrives
Glyn arrives at Di's hotel with the challenge

Today has been excellent. I've been really impressed in Di and her performance has been a shock in a nice way. Her pronunciation is awesome. This is the best challenge for Di because she's already an actress so it's like she's brought Welsh into her work, and of course it's something she enjoys.

Glyn gives Di her new final challenge
Glyn gives Di her new final challenge

It's been a nice project. She's been around people who are speaking Welsh to each other and there are constant directions in Welsh. It's really put her language to the test. It's been a good idea to do TV rather than Radio drama (the original plan) because it's what Di is best known for, so she's just changed from English to Welsh which is what The Big Welsh Challenge is about.

Reading through script
Glyn reads through Di's script with her

The atmosphere on Rownd a Rownd has been very friendly and Welshy and Di's been in the middle of it. She's coped excellently and done everything in Welsh without asking for help or anything, which proves that she's capable.

Glyn joins Di on the Rownd a Rownd set
Glyn joins Di on the Rownd a Rownd set

It's a shame this is the last time we'll be filming together for The Big Welsh Challenge, but at the same time I've been able to see how she's improved and it's nice to have given a helping hand. Di's progression from somebody who couldn't speak Welsh at all to someone who's having full-on conversations.

For others to see Di will be an inspiration. People think they're too busy to learn Welsh but Di is a busy actress and she's coped really well so seeing her on the programme will show that it's possible to have a job and learn the language. Her determination is the key to her success and if you're determined enough you can do anything.

Di paints Glyn's nails
Di paints Glyn's nails in the Rownd a Rownd salon

As far as my future goes I want to work in the media until I'm 25, then be a teacher, work with the Red Cross, teach English to children in Africa, travel the world and have kids. That's what I want from life.

I've been going round schools with the Welsh Language Board to speak to the children about the importance of the Welsh language. I've just turned 20 so I'm not a teenager any more. It's like I've reached a milestone and I'm not going to be a teenager ever again. People have told me I can do anything until I'm 25 then I have to be serious! I'm still thinking about university and Bangor have kept my place open. I'll see how work goes.

Relaxing after filming
Di and Glyn relax after filming

The Big Welsh Challenge has been a great experience and I think the project and the TV series are a nice length. If something goes on for too long, people get bored. I can't wait to see the programmes now!

13th December 2007

After helping Di to prepare for her fourth and final challenge - performing in a Welsh language radio drama

First of all today I met Di Botcher as she was coming straight from filming Belonging. I was waiting for her with the final challenge. She's going to be in a radio comedy and I can't wait to hear it.

Glyn meets Di
Glyn meets Di as she returns from filming Belonging

It's a really good challenge because it goes with Di's background - she's an excellent actress but to do it in another language will be harder because you have to get the puns in the right place or the joke doesn't work.

The best bit of working with Di is to see her progress as she goes along. It's been excellent - she's a great partner.

Glyn helps Di with scripts
Glyn helps Di go through some drama scripts

14th September 2007

After helping Di prepare for her third challenge - which involves solving a mystery

Glyn greets Di
Glyn greets Di at the door

Today's been really good fun. I've enjoyed helping Di out. She's excellent and she's got lots of enthusiasm. I'm surprised how much she's improved. The challenge is interesting and I think, knowing Di, she'll do it no problem.

Di acts tries out some phrases
Di tries out some phrases

17th April 2007

Things I've been doing:
- Talking on Radio Cymru with my former Big Brother housemates, Aisleyne, Richard and Bonnie. I've been teaching them Welsh.
- Helping Di with Sosban Fach - she's improved a lot. Her pronunciation is great and she's getting better all the time.

Glyn's tired out - and they've hardly started
Glyn's tired out - and they've hardly started

Just had the second challenge - although we can't say what it is at the moment because the other couples don't know! It's a laugh though. I did Spanish at school and I know you learn better when you're having fun. Di's determined - and determination is the key to success so she'll be fine. We've arranged to meet up and practise so Di will become more confident. I can't wait for the next challenge!

Glyn helps Di with the challenge
Glyn helps Di with the challenge

16th March

Glyn Wise

Glyn's been helping Di prepare for her first Big Welsh Challenge - a public performance of Sosban Fach. But when it comes to real saucepans, Glyn's not quite so proficient.

To put his kitchen skills to the test, Radio Wales's Jamie Owen programme challenged him to cook a Red Nose Pasta Dish. He had his own "mentor" though, with chef Angela Gray there to guide him.

The expert advice paid off, and after a lot of sizzling and stirring, Glyn was delighted with the end result.

"I've really learnt a lot," he said. "I need to know how to cook so it's been amazing. The food is delicious and I've had a great laugh".


March 2007

On his partner, Di:

I get on really well with her. She's very determined and she's a laugh to be with. She's very intelligent and she really wants to learn. I like her a lot so it's good to work with someone you like.

Di opens her challenge
Di opens her challenge

On her first challenge (to perform Sosban Fach in front of an audience):

When I was in the Big Brother house I taught everyone to sing Calon by Diffiniad. I think you pick up words better by singing them, so it's a good challenge. The pronunciation isn't a problem for her. She learnt the basics of Welsh in school and it's like getting rid of the cobwebs now. I think she can do it easily.

Glyn and Di have a snack
Glyn and Di have a snack before getting down to the challenge

Glyn and Di practise singing
Glyn and Di practise singing Sosban Fach

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