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16 October 2014
the Big Welsh Challenge

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Cerys and Welsh cakes

"I like Welsh cakes because you don't have the stress of wondering if they'll rise or not, like a soufflé or scones or cup cakes. When you're making Welsh cakes, you always look like a very good baker - mistake free. They're good for cooking with young children: they can help with the mixing, dye them with food colouring (green was my favourite), cut shapes out of the mixture, pick out the raisins and sprinkle them with flour. You don't even have to cook them very long - I love half baked Welsh cakes!" Cerys Matthews


Ingredients 125g of butter 250g of self-raising flour 75g of castor sugar Pinch of mixed spices 100g of currants/sultanas/raisins 1 egg, beaten

Method Rub together the butter and flour Add the egg Put the sugar, spice and fruit into the mixture Put the mixture into the fridge to cool for half an hour Roll out the mixture until it is about 1cm thick Cut out circles Cook the cakes in a frying pan or on a bakestone WITHOUT using oil or butter until they are browned on both sides Sprinkle with sugar and serve


Cynhwysion 125g o fenyn 250g o flawd codi 75g o siwgr mân Pinsaid o bowdwr sbeisys cymysg 100g o gyrens/sultanas/raisins 1 wy wedi ei guro

Dull Cymysgwch y menyn a'r blawd Ychwanegwch yr wy Rhowch y siwgr, sbeisys a'r ffrwythau i mewn Cymysgwch y cyfan Rhowch y cymysgedd yn yr oergell am hanner awr i oeri Rholiwch y cymysgedd nes ei fod tua 1cm o drwch Defnyddiwch dorrwr siâp cylch i dorri'r cacenni Coginiwch y cacenni mewn padell ffrio neu ar garreg bobi HEB olew na menyn Coginiwch y cacenni ar wres isel nes eu bod yn frown bob ochr Rhowch y cacenni ar blât Rhowch siwgr ar y cacenni cyn eu bwyta

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