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16 October 2014
the Big Welsh Challenge

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Big Welsh Challenge

These are the words to the Welsh national anthem, spelt phonetically.

Learn them and sing your heart out at rugby games and special events!

My hen oo-lad vurr n'had-die un ann-wil ee mee goo-lard bay-rdd* a ch**ann-tor-eon
enn wog eon o vree
ane goo-rol ruvv-el-weir
goo-lard gar-weir tra mard
dross rudd*-id cor-ll***ar-sant ay goo-eyed.

Goo-lard, goo-lard
played-eeyol weave eem goo-lard
tra more un beer, ear beer horff bye
O budd*-ed eer hen ee-eye-th bar hi.

*There are two "th" sounds in Welsh as there are in English but in Welsh, they are spelled differently."Th" in Welsh is pronounced as in English "think" or "fourth". "Dd" is pronounced as in "this" or "that".

** "ch" is pronounced as in "loch" or "Bach"

*** "ll" is a cross between an "l" and an "s"

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