Hippies and Mods

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Youth cultures from the 1960's and 70's.

Montage of clips showing some of the alternative sub-cultures or youth cultures of the late 1960's and the 1970's, particularly hippies, mods, skinheads and ska. Includes interviews with individuals remembering their lives at the time in different parts of Wales. The sub-cultures are placed in a social context, with film showing cultural features - clothes, fashion ( with link to consumerism), dance and music styles.
From: Roll Over Beethoven Prog 3
First Broadcast : 5 December 1996

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 16+

Subject : Sociology

Topic : Community and culture

Keywords : Sub-culture, Youth culture, Hippies, Mods, Skinheads, Ska, Resistance movement, Culture and socialisation, Youth revolt, 1960's, 1970's

Notes : DISCUSSION • Define 'sub-culture' • Discuss reasons for the springing up of some of these sub-cultures. • Why does a youth or sub culture become attractive to its participants? • Discuss the theory that neo-tribes exist today rather than sub-cultures EXTENDED WORK • Investigate the features of the sub-cultures in the clip - consider values, norms, attitudes, style. Group / pair work with presentation to the class. • Create a timeline showing the sub cultures from the 1950 's to today. • Investigate the role of women in the sub-cultures of the past and today - note posible discrimination where it exists. • REVISION • Explain differences between the resistance shown by the hippies and the skinheads. • Explain how sub- cultures 'trawiadol' are different from ' neo-lwythi' ( find out what all this means). • Evaluate the different explanations given by Albert Cohen and Phil Cohen on the rise of the skinheads. • Assess the viewpoint that youth cultures can work like some sort of 'wrthsafiad' ( find out hwhat this means). • Assess the viewpoint that uyouth cultures trawiadol belong to the past. • Outline and explain why young people feel the need to join youth cultures.

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