Racism in the 1970s

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Introduction to racism and its history in British life - Alf Garnett and Enoch Powell.

Historical study into racism in the 60s and the 70s, looking at its place in the media and politics of the time. Includes extracts from ' Till Death Us Do Part,' a comedy series which made a laughing stock of extreme racist views. Also a discussion on reactions from both sides to politician Enoch Powell's famous ' Rivers of Blood ' speech which prophesised that cities and towns in Britain would see major race riots if immigration was not halted. An overview of how politics and society at large saw race as an issue at the time.
From: Playing the Race Card, Programme 2
First Broadcast : 31 October 1999

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 14-16,16+

Subject : History, Media Studies, Sociology

Topic : History of Wales and England 1880-1980, Archive, Community and culture

Keywords : Politics, Immigration, History of broadcasting, Racism, Representation, Social inequalities, Ethnicity, Enoch Powell, Alf Garnett

Notes : DISCUSSION • Discuss definitions of racism, prejudice and discrimination. • Discuss possible reasons behind the development of these beliefs in Britain, including immigration, work, etc. • How do racism, prejudice and discrimination impact on an individual's life chances? • EXTENDED WORK • Investigate the features of inequality - collect evidence of the effects of discrimination on life chances in contemporary Britain. • Investigate individual case studies; eg Stephen Lawrence, The Secret Policeman, Damilola Taylor and recent football stories which introduce the link to possible insitutional racism. • REVISION • Outline and explain the differences between racism, prejudice and discrimination. • Why are social and cultural inequalities seen as a problem in Britain? • Evaluate different sociological theories on ethnic inequalities. • Look at the history of broadcasting and media evaluating how the representation of ethnic minorities has altered in the intervening years.

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