Maddy's Story

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Maddy, a lifelong depression sufferer tells her story.

42 year old Birmingham born Maddy Read moved to Cardiff 20 years ago. She has lived with mental health issues all her life, believing herself to have been depressed from her first memory, and having suffered from anxiety and depression from early childhood. She finished music college, but then became seriously ill - she would spend all day crying, physically shaking and screaming. She developed paralysis and became suicidal and obsessed with killing herself. However she wanted to do it right - she didn't want to wake up paralysed for the rest of her life or die in pain. Husband Mike told the community health team that she was not progressing, so Maddy started attending day hospital at Whitchurch. She took part in group work and thus developed a routine - getting up, going to see the nurse, attending the group, seeing the doctor and then home. At the moment Maddy thinks that nobody would like her for the way she is as she has nothing to offer. From an early age she didn't think that she could work, but fell into TV extra work. She loves going out to new places and meeting new people. This isn't a 9 - 5 job. She longs for a 'proper' job, as then she would feel normal and recovered. Maddy is the best she's ever been at the moment though she still has bad days and often has issues with concentration, motivation and focus. Recovery for Maddy is being able to get where she wants to be and not have mental health issues which will hinder that.
From: Peace of Mind - Ep.1
First Broadcast : 20 December 2012

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 14-16,16+

Subject : Health & Social Care

Topic : Mental Health

Keywords : Depression, Principles of care, Maintaining health and well being in adults, Psychiatry

Notes : • Research different 'talking therapies' which can help sufferers overcome a variety of mental health problems from depression to strain. • IAPT ( Improving Access to Psychological Treatment) services are available throughout England. Which similar services are available in Wales or in your area? • According to research mental health is clearly linked to mental wellbeing. Discuss the importance of looking after your own emotional and mental wellbeing - e.g. taking exercise, eating a balanced diet etc. Create a list of ten top tips to help a young person to look after their own emotional and mental wellbeing.

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