Diagnosing Dementia

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Professor Bayer explains the importance of medical help for memory-related concerns.

Showing husband and wife Jackie and George visiting the mental health clinic at Llandough Hospital. Professor Anthony Beyer from Cardiff University administers some simple tests on George, explaining how important it is to arrive at the correct diagnosis for dementia. This is a vital first step as afterwards doctor and patient can concentrate on the correct treatment. Jackie explains how the disease affects their everyday life and how the diagnosis has helped them to move on.
From: Dementia:Making a Difference
First Broadcast : 24 May 2012

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 14-16,16+

Subject : Health & Social Care

Topic : Mental Health, Care for Older Individuals, Understanding Common Illnesses, Diseases and Disorders

Keywords : Alzheimer's, Dementia, Care needs of individuals, Elderly, Promoting quality care and communication

Notes : •Research into Dementia and Alzheimers and the age of onset, possible causes etc. •What challenges face the NHS with an "ageing population"? •Useful in Unit 1 GCSE Health, Social care and Children's services (Care needs of individuals - the elderly); Unit 2 - Human Growth and Development (Life changes and sources and support); Unit 1 GCE Promoting Quality Care and Communication.

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