Arthur Giardelli

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Giardelli's inspiration from the '56 Group and the work of Mondrian.

Black and white archive film recording of Arthur Giardelli and friends with commentary regarding the '56 Group. Colour video (present-day) shot of 'Winter Sea' (collage) by Arthur Giardelli; Followed by 1966 black and white footage of Giardelli collecting driftwood and talking about gaining inspiration from the European modern art movement on a visit he made to Holland when he saw the work of Mondrian.
From: Framing Wales - Episode 3
First Broadcast : 10 March 2011

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 9-11,11-14,14-16

Subject : Art & Design

Topic : Art history, Natural world

Keywords : 56 Group Wales, Piet Mondrian, Joseph Cornell, Abstract Collage, Neo-plasticism,

Notes : Pupils could look at examples of Mondrian's work and discuss its features and characteristics. Pupils could create abstract collage themselves relating it to a specific theme eg 'the sea' and think about how to make it communicate a sense of the sea without being too literal a representation. Pupils could collect repeated collage materials like small circular pieces of wood or other repeated shapes and stick them to cardboard to make a collage. Pupils could research other examples of artists' work who create abstract collage. Summary of Giardelli's life on Arthur Giardelli Obituary.

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