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Astro Antics

Astro Antics is a Welsh second language resource for key stage 1 children.

BBC School Report

BBC School Report gives students the chance to make their own news reports.

BBC Three My Murder for teachers

Use BBC Three My Murder in the classroom to deliver PSHE lessons for students from 14 years old upwards.

BBC Teachers

Teaching resources and classroom activities.

British History

KS2 pupils can explore different objects from the UK, such as Lloyd George's draft copy of the Treaty of Versailles.

EastEnders E20 for teachers

Use E20 in the classroom to deliver PSHE lessons for 14-19 year olds.

PSHE & Citizenship

Teaching resources to aid teachers delivering Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education & Citizenship in Secondary schools.

Radio 4 Schools Programmes

All the Radio 4 Schools programmes available now on the BBC iPlayer.

School Radio

Audio teaching resources for primary schools including teachers' notes for lesson plans.

The Iron Age Celts

How to use the Iron Age Celts website with your pupils. Suitable for key stage 2.


Information and resources for Welsh Language Tutors.

Clips for Teachers

Gems from the BBC archive - TV and radio. Specially selected by teachers in Wales for use in the classroom. With brief notes suggesting learning uses by teachers, pupils, parents and students. Search in either English or Welsh.

Clips for Teachers

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