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Learn to tell the time in Welsh with the help of the crazy cuckoo! Time's ticking...

How to play

Choose the Practise or Play mode.

  • Practise mode: Practise the time by moving the hands of the clock. Click on the flashing PLAY button to hear how to say the time in Welsh. Click on the TEXT icon to see the time written down.

  • Play mode: Click on the flashing PLAY button to listen to a randomised option of the time. Then move the hands of the clock to the correct position. You have two attempts, before the clock shows you the correct time. The cuckoo will tell you your score.

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Curriculum links

Using the theme of Yr Amser (The Time), this game is an engaging and interactive way to practise telling the time in Welsh. There are three levels in all, which practise the following:

  • Level 1: on the hour and half past the hour
  • Level 2: quarter past/quarter to /minutes past/minutes to
  • Level 3: random selection of all forms

Lesson idea

Tic Toc can be used independently or as a classroom activity. Encourage the students to go to the Practise mode first and then to work their way through the different levels in the Play mode.

Once you are confident that the students can recognise and tell the time, animate the clock in class by getting the students to use their arms as the hands of the clock. In Play mode, and using the full screen mode on the interactive whiteboard, click on the flashing button and get the students to listen to the audio. Students should now move their arms accordingly to represent the correct time. Based on what the majority of the class is displaying, get one child to move the hands of the clock on the interactive whiteboard to match and get feedback from the cuckoo.

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