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Gair am Air

How many Welsh words can you remember? Test yourself by going head to head with the computer!

How to play

Gair am Air is a memory game for learning or practising Welsh vocabulary, using audio, images and text over four levels. To play the game, the learner must select a level and a theme or word group. The computer then starts the game by selecting a word. The learner should respond by clicking the word the computer has selected. The computer will then repeat the first word and select another word. The learner has to copy the word sequence that builds up. If the user gets the sequence wrong, they lose the game.

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Curriculum links

Using 11 main themes, and 19 additional sub-themes, this game is an engaging and interactive way to practise Welsh vocabulary. Users have the opportunity to improve their listening, spelling and pronunciation skills. There are four levels in all, which practise the following:

  • Level 1: understanding words with a highlighted image prompt
  • Level 2: understanding words with a highlighted image and text prompt
  • Level 3: understanding words with highlighted text prompt only
  • Level 4: understanding words with non-highlighted image and no text

Lesson idea

Gair am Air can be used independently or as a classroom activity. Get the students to play any of the themes in pairs or as individuals, to ensure that they have learnt the relevant vocabulary. A list of the sub-themes used in the game is noted below.

As an additional classroom activity to consolidate the vocabulary learnt in Gair am Air, show a letter on a flashcard. Prompt the students to write down as many words as they can that begin with the letter by shouting out a phrase in Welsh, eg "Ydych chi'n barod i ddechrau?", "Pawb yn barod?", "1, 2, 3, i ffwrdd â ni!", "Amdani!" etc. Tell the students that when they think they've written the most number of words, they should shout out a Welsh phrase, eg "Barod!", "Dw i wedi gorffen!", "Mae X gair 'da fi!" etc, to prompt everyone else to stop writing. Ask students to swap papers and mark each other's work. Each student gets one point for each correct word they have written down. The student with the highest number of words wins an extra two points, and will not necessarily be the person who shouted out the end prompt.

Welsh English
Prif liwiau Basic colours
Lliwiau eraill Other colours
Anifeiliaid anwes Pets
Anifeiliaid y fferm Farm animals
Anifeiliaid y sŵ Zoo animals
Ffrwythau a llysiau Fruit and vegetables
Bwyd parti Party food
Diodydd Drinks
Dillad haf Summer clothes
Dillad gaeaf Winter clothes
Welsh English
Un i naw One to nine
Deg i nawdeg Ten to ninety
Gwyliau a dathlu Festivals
Y Tywydd Weather
Teimladau Feelings
Chwaraeon Sports
Amser hamdden Spare time
Fy Ardal My Area
Teithio Travel

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