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Clic am Gic

Put Llew's footballing skills to the test! Make sure he keeps the ball in the air by answering the questions correctly.

How to play

Make sure Llew keeps the ball in the air by answering the questions correctly. Click on the right answer on the scoreboard. If you choose the correct one, Llew will perfom a trick and you'll score a point. If you get it wrong, he'll drop the ball and you'll lose a life. If you don't get it right the first time, the question will reappear, giving you a chance to try again. You can listen to the questions again by rolling the mouse over the words.

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Curriculum links

Using the theme of Chwaraeon (Sports), this game is a fun way to practise answering positively and negatively in Welsh. There are four levels in all, which practise the following:

  • Level 1: answering positively, using the forms Oes, Ydw, Ydy
  • Level 2: answering negatively, using the forms Nac oes, Nac ydw, Nac ydy
  • Level 3: answering either positively or negatively, using the forms in Levels 1 & 2
  • Level 4: choosing the correct answer based on context, using the forms above

Lesson idea

Clic am Gic can be used independently or as a classroom activity. Practise the different ways of answering positively and negatively in Welsh with the class, and ensure that the students have learnt the relevant vocabulary that will be used in the game. A list of some of the words used in the game is noted below.

Split the students into groups of four and, depending on their abilities, get them to play a particular level, or all the levels in Clic am Gic. Questions are randomised, so if they lose all three lives before getting through the ten questions in each level, encourage them to try again and aim for the highest score possible. This will reinforce the language patterns and vocabulary.

Now ask the groups to write up a sports interview for a TV show using the language they have learnt. Get the groups to act out and film their interviews and show to the rest of the class.

Welsh nouns English nouns
pêl-droed football
pêl ball
cwpwrdd cupboard
gwisg nofio swimsuit
pwll nofio swimming pool
clwb chwaraeon sports' club
gogls nofio swimming goggles
ras race
maes chwarae playing field
esgidiau pêl-droed football shoes
pêl-fasged basketball
pêl-rwyd netball
wal ddringo climbing wall
Welsh verbs English verbs
hoffi to like
chwarae to play
cefnogi to support
sglefrio to skate
mynd to go
sglefrfyrddio to skateboard
rhedeg to run
dringo to climb
gwylio to watch
dawnsio creadigol creative dancing
mwynhau to enjoy
nofio to swim
eisiau to want

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