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Caffi Glan Môr

Come and help out at Caffi Glan Môr! The customers are hungry and thirsty. Listen to their orders and give them what they want.

How to play

First of all, set the speed of the game. Note that the slowest speed is more advisable for 7-9 year olds, whereas the fastest speed will set a fun challenge to 9-11 year olds. When a customer asks for food or drink, wait for the correct item to appear on the counter. Once the correct item has appeared, first click on it, and then click on a customer to give them the right food. If you give them the correct order, you'll score a point. If you get the order wrong, you'll lose a life. Note that the characters and the subtitles are colour-coded.

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Curriculum links

Using the theme of Bwyd a Diod (Food and Drink), this game is an exciting way to practise the grammatical forms of Ga i...? and Dw i eisiau...

Lesson idea

Caffi Glan Môr can be used independently or as a classroom activity. Ensure that the students have learnt the relevant vocabulary that will be used in the game. A list of the words used in the game is noted below.

Based on the vocabulary learnt in the game, get the students to use the computer to design a menu featuring pictures of the dishes along with a price list. Print off the menus and laminate them. Now, place the students in small groups and get them to act out being customers and waiters, using the students' newly created menus.

Students should be encouraged to film their role plays. Further vocabulary could be practised here, with the addition of other foodstuffs, greeting and thanking others, and ordering on behalf of someone else, eg Mae fy chwaer eisiau...; Mae fy nhad eisiau...; Maen nhw eisiau... as well as further grammatical points, such as os gwelwch yn dda; Dw i ddim eisiau..., achos dw i'n hoffi...; Dw i ddim eisiau..., ond dw i eisiau...; Beth ydych chi eisiau?; Ga i helpu?; Rhywbeth arall?; Ga i ddau/dri/bedwar... etc.

Welsh English
Ga i...? May I have...?
Dw i eisiau... I want...
dŵr water
llaeth milk
brechdanau sandwiches
coffi coffee
selsig sausages
cyw iâr chicken
salad salad
pwdin pudding
cawl soup
byrgyr burger
hufen iâ siocled chocolate ice cream
hufen iâ mefus strawberry ice cream
Welsh English
hufen iâ fanila vanilla ice cream
ci poeth hotdog
teisen lemon lemon cake
sglodion chips
pitsa pizza
lemonêd lemonade
ysgytlaeth milkshake
pysgodyn fish
cacen siocled chocolate cake
omlet omelette
iogwrt yoghurt
sudd oren orange juice
sudd pîn-afal pineapple juice

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