Outstanding BBC Welsh Dictionary Issues


The new BBC Welsh dictionary is being tested. Here are a list of issues that we are aware of that we are working on at the moment:

1.Nouns labelled incorrectly across Welsh and English dictionary versions. - Fixed
Does not distinguish between masculine/feminie nouns in Welsh. - Ongoing
Incorrectly attributes mascuine/femnine labels to English nouns. - Fixed

2. Radio buttons not retaining selection after searching Welsh to English.

3. Clicking on translated phrases made up of more than one word displays error message eg 'hen law'. - Fixed

4. The 'conjugate' button needs work. - Fixed

5. Phrase search isn't responding.

6. The new dictionary doesn't recognise mutated words. - Fixed

7. The plural for translated words isn't working. - Fixed

8. Issue with the audio and pronounciation button in Firefox. - Fixed

Please email cymru@bbc.co.uk if you would like to note a new issue.

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