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Story 1 - Dan y Môr (Under the Sea)

Read this story to find out what happens to tourist sea creatures when they are on a guided tour of a spectacular underwater world. The sea creature children wander off from their parents and go exploring a shipwreck. They befriend a friendly ghost who can only be seen by children.

The story focuses on:

Questions and Answers

Pwy wyt ti? Who are you?
... ydw i I'm ...
Ble mae ...? Where is ...?
Ble mae'r cwch? Where is the boat?
Dyma ... Here's ... / This is ...
Dyma fi Here I am


Dewch Come
Gwrandewch Listen

Familiar Expressions

Dim diolch No thanks
Dim problem No problem
Hyfryd! Lovely!
Bendigedig! Wonderful!

Story 2 - The Chilly Little Tree

A young palm tree is cruelly taken to Wales from a sunny climate, leaving his friends behind. He's miserable with the weather but when the summer sun arrives, he's in his element!

The story focuses on:

Sut mae'r tywydd? What's the weather like?
Mae hi'n heulog/wyntog/oer/bwrw glaw/bwrw eira It's sunny/windy/cold/raining/ snowing
Dw i'n hoffi'r haul/glaw/eira/gwynt I like the sun/rain/snow/wind
Dw i ddim yn hoffi'r glaw/gwynt/eira I don't like the rain/wind/snow
Dw i eisiau mynd adre' I want to go home
Dw i ddim eisiau mynd adre' I don't want to go home
Bore da Good morning
Gwych Great
Da iawn Very good
Dw i'n hapus yma I'm happy here

Story 3 - Bwlis (Bullies)

This is a story based on the issue of bullying and provides the choice of two endings. Harri, Barri and Mari are school bullies and the story describes what they get up to. Read the story page-by-page and choose which ending you like best.

The story focuses on:


Bore da Good morning


Sut wyt ti? How are you?
Dw i wedi blino I'm tired
Dw i'n ofnadwy I'm awful

Expressing needs

Ga i'r ..? May I have..?
Cei/Na chei Yes you may/No you may not
Dw i eisiau I want


Agor y bag Open the bag
Brysia/Brysiwch Hurry up
Dewch Come on


Bobol bach! Goodness gracious!
Ych â fi! Yuck!
Trueni What a pity

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