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Astro Antics is part of a collection of Welsh language websites for children aged 5-7. Other resources for Key Stage 1 include:

With Astro Antics you can zoom through space and discover stories, songs and games created especially for young Welsh learners. Click on the rocket to access the activities. Once inside, explore the television screens to find:

• Bliblob (an animated, talking language guide)

• three colourful and entertaining stories

• three catchy songs performed by a group of very strange but friendly aliens!

You can customise your console using the various buttons and levers on it. Your main mission is to find three songs, three stories and Bliblob:


Bliblob is an animated, talking guide who morphs into the meaning of Welsh words used in the stories and the songs. Bliblob can also be used either with the stories and songs or on its own to learn new words and sentences in a fun way.

The Stories

O Dan y Môr (Under the Sea)
Y Goeden Fach Oer (The Chilly Little Tree)
Bwlis (Bullies).

The Songs

Band Ffantastig Ydyn Ni (We're a Fantastic Band)
Io, io, ie, io!
Ga i Fod yn y Band? (Can I Be in the Band?)

There are activities linked to the stories:

Read the story (all stories)
Read the story at their own pace. The simple dialogue in the story provides an excellent opportunity to reinforce previously learnt language. Children will hear the correct pronunciation and intonation of the Welsh words and they should be encouraged to re-read the story to consolidate and gain confidence in reading the language.

Watch the story (all stories)
This activity allows the children to watch the story with or without accompanying text. They will get the chance to understand the meaning of familiar words and sentence patterns by decoding them by means of clues in pictures, letter sounds and word forms.

Write a story (Y Goeden Fach Oer and O Dan y Môr)
Children can use the story maker to write and add pictures to their own story about characters and settings from the story they have just read. They can also add new words and pictures. This activity has two levels with different layouts. Each level has a selection of keywords as well as backgrounds, characters and objects from the story. There is also a selection of drawing tools, colours, shape tools plus an erase and move tool. Children can use this activity to re-tell a story, write a different story, design a front cover and develop dialogue between characters. The children can print their stories and read them to others.

Sequence the story (The Chilly Little Tree)
Two activities test understanding of the story:

• place pictures from the story in the correct order

• complete 5 or 9 sentences correctly (the number of sentences they are asked to complete will depend on how well they did in the previous game)

• the completed activity can be printed out.

Game (O Dan y Môr)
After reading O Dan y Môr (Under the Sea), children can create a boat by fitting together the three different parts hidden amongst the coral and seaweed. They will then be able to colour and print the boat.

Llyg, Yng, Soch, Del and Pert are a band of aliens who perform three songs. Children can sing along with the songs, perform the actions that go with the songs and even choose the words they want the band to sing.

Audio and visual help
Users can click on the Preferences button to:
• resize on-screen text and change text and background colours
• hear on-screen text being read out
• make captions available for most video and audio content.

The preferences are not accessible while you are in the Information for Parents and Teachers section.

Users can also navigate most content using the Tab key.



Bliblob is a talking, animated guide to the Welsh words and language patterns used in the stories, songs and activities.

There are two levels within this activity.

1. Click on a sentence or word and Bliblob will morph into a depiction of the meaning of the words and sentences.

2. Bliblob morphs into the depiction of a word or sentence and children have to click on the correct word or sentence in the list displayed.

Bliblob introduces:

Numbers Rhifau
Colours Lliwiau
What are you doing? Beth wyt ti'n wneud?
What's the weather like? Sut mae'r tywydd?
I like Dw i'n hoffi
I don't like Dw i ddim yn hoffi
Food Bwyd
Who are you? Pwy wyt ti?
Can I ... please? Ga i ... plis?
I want Dw i eisiau
I don't like Dw i ddim yn hoffi

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Story 1 - Dan y Môr (Under the Sea)

Read this story to find out what happens to tourist sea creatures when they are on a guided tour of a spectacular underwater world. The sea creature children wander off from their parents and go exploring a shipwreck. They befriend a friendly ghost who can only be seen by children.

The story focuses on:

Questions and Answers

Pwy wyt ti? Who are you?
... ydw i I'm ...
Ble mae ...? Where is ...?
Ble mae'r cwch? Where is the boat?
Dyma ... Here's ... / This is ...
Dyma fi Here I am


Dewch Come
Gwrandewch Listen

Familiar Expressions

Dim diolch No thanks
Dim problem No problem
Hyfryd! Lovely!
Bendigedig! Wonderful!

Story 2 - The Chilly Little Tree

A young palm tree is cruelly taken to Wales from a sunny climate, leaving his friends behind. He's miserable with the weather but when the summer sun arrives, he's in his element!

The story focuses on:

Sut mae'r tywydd? What's the weather like?
Mae hi'n heulog/wyntog/oer/bwrw glaw/bwrw eira It's sunny/windy/cold/raining/ snowing
Dw i'n hoffi'r haul/glaw/eira/gwynt I like the sun/rain/snow/wind
Dw i ddim yn hoffi'r glaw/gwynt/eira I don't like the rain/wind/snow
Dw i eisiau mynd adre' I want to go home
Dw i ddim eisiau mynd adre' I don't want to go home
Bore da Good morning
Gwych Great
Da iawn Very good
Dw i'n hapus yma I'm happy here

Story 3 - Bwlis (Bullies)

This is a story based on the issue of bullying and provides the choice of two endings. Harri, Barri and Mari are school bullies and the story describes what they get up to. Read the story page-by-page and choose which ending you like best.

The story focuses on:


Bore da Good morning


Sut wyt ti? How are you?
Dw i wedi blino I'm tired
Dw i'n ofnadwy I'm awful

Expressing needs

Ga i'r ..? May I have..?
Cei/Na chei Yes you may/No you may not
Dw i eisiau I want


Agor y bag Open the bag
Brysia/Brysiwch Hurry up
Dewch Come on


Bobol bach! Goodness gracious!
Ych â fi! Yuck!
Trueni What a pity


Song 1 - Band Ffantastig Ydyn Ni (We're a Fantastic Band)

Sing along to this catchy song with the alien band as you listen to Llyg, Yng, Soch, Del and Pert introducing themselves and asking each other how they are feeling.

The language patterns featured in the song include:

Dyma ni Here we are
...ydyn ni We are...
...ydw i I'm...
Wir i ti Really
Bore da Good morning
Shwmai Hi
Sut wyt ti? How are you?
Dw i'n ofnadwy / weddol I'm awful / ok
Dw i wedi blino I'm tired

Song 2 - Io, io, ie, io!

This is a fun interactive activity where you can rap with Soch, Yng, Llyg, Del and Pert. Try and listen out for rhyming words in the song and don't forget to perform the actions! Listen carefully and see if you can hear the rhyming words (words ending in -io or -o) in the rap.

The vocabulary featured in the song includes:

Dw i'n hoffi I like
rapio to rap
dawnsio to dance
cuddio to hide
neidio to jump
cerdded to walk
rhedeg to run
chwarae gyda io-io to play with a yo-yo
sgipio to skip
dringo to climb
nofio to swim
siglo to shake
sglefrio to skate

Song 3 - Ga i Fod yn y Band? (Can I Be in the Band?)

Boogie on down and sing along with Yng, Soch, Del and Pert who all want to join Llyg's band. Listen to the song to find out who wants to play the tambourine, the guitar, the drum and the piano.

The language patterns featured in the song include:

Ga i / i'r...plis? May I have / have the...please?
Cei Yes, you may
Dyma ti Here you are
Ga i fod...? May I be...?
Un, dau, tri a... One, two, three and...