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16 October 2014
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Shenkin the Goat

Mascot for the Royal Regiment for Wales

Where did you live as a kid:
A farm near Hereford used for breeding the Royal Herd - now I am resident in Maindy Barracks, Cardiff.

I’ve been the regimental goat since I was 6 months old, so this has been my only job. I had to be trained not to react to loud music and bangs so they put a Walkman on my ears and played me the Spice Girls until I got used to noise… that took a couple of months.

Why you:
There’s been a regimental goat since the Crimean War, when goats were taken into warzones to be eaten. The story goes that one night, a Private Jenkins was on sentry duty in the Crimea, and put one of the goats under his coat to keep warm. Jenkins fell asleep, and the goat heard the enemy about to attack, and bleated to alert the sentry, saving the men.

After Queen Victoria heard about this, she presented a goat from the Royal Herd, and there’s been one of us here ever since.

Being chosen as regimental goat!

The best thing was leading the Welsh rugby team out against England at Wembley. I’ve also taken part in the World Cup and the FA Cup when it was at the Millennium Stadium.

I’ve had a pub named after me in Cardiff, ‘The Goat Major’. I’ve also had a grogg made of me, because of my good connections with the Welsh Rugby team.

I’ve been in lots of magazines, like 'GQ' and 'OK'! I get to model expensive clothes - my cloak costs about £4,000, and I wear about £10,000 worth of silver when I’m on parade.

I’ve also met and worked with the Queen, Prince Charles, Rhys Ifans, Cerys Matthews, Cliff Richard, Peter Stringfellow, Anneka Rice, Henry Cooper, and even Ronald McDonald!

Low points:
I can be a bit restless on parade if I’m not in the mood, but I’ve never bitten anyone yet!

Tips from the top:
Be happy in your job, and people will relate to you… It also helps if you don’t butt them.

Cymraeg (Welsh)

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