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16 October 2014
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Josie D'Arby and Lisa Rogers

Presenters of 'Top of the Pops'

In my second year at RADA, I was given a presenting job with the BBC during the holidays. When I graduated, I was asked to join them full-time, so I jumped at it. Since then, I've done 3 series of the BAFTA-nominated 'Smart', I've been in 'Casualty' and had my own show on Channel 5. I'm presently part of a team of presenters on 'Top of the Pops' and its various sister shows on Play UK and BBC 2.

At school, I worked in a chocolate factory and as a cleaner. At university, I was a nanny and manager of santa's grotto. In television, I was a PA for a satellite TV channel and I've been a researcher, assistant producer, TV presenter and done some acting.

Big break:
By fluke - I sent a tape to Paul Smith in BBC Music and Entertainment, and he gave me a job. For me it was that simple, and I've been doing it ever since. I've since learnt how lucky I am because that’s not typical.

I was working as an assistant producer and didn't want to miss the World Cup. A friend suggested I audition for the football show 'Under the Moon' on Channel 4 and I got the job.

Best moment:

I had a great time with Ricky Martin in New York at Christmas and, although it was by no means the most challenging or impressive thing I've done, it is moments like that where you think life’s just great.

Last summer, I spent three weeks travelling around Europe on a scooter for the BBC programme 'Mark Owen's Celebrity Scooters' . We visited all the cities for Euro 2000 and had a great laugh.

Tips from the top:

Do everything you can whilst you're at school - charity events, local radio… get experience, experience, experience! And, for goodness sake, be a nice person because not everyone is, so be one of the good guys.

To someone who'd like to follow into this profession, I'd say don't!

Worst job:

I've done many jobs and never hated any of them. I remember packing cakes all summer in a cake factory, and I had a great laugh with the girls and met many interesting people. It was real soap-opera stuff and character building. I make a point of getting the most out of everything and I would never denigrate someone’s way of paying the bills because I'm not them.

One of the worst jobs was when I had to spend a day in a rowing boat in February on the River Thames filming the TV series, 'Lock Stock'. I've never been so cold in all my life.

Schooldays/early career:

I wasn’t by any means the best behaved person at school, but it was all to make others laugh, and I never hurt anyone. My antics are too numerous to tell and mainly involved getting on stage. I once toured the classrooms with my one-woman show, and I think they thought this is definitely how I would make my living. I used to bring my hamster to school in my pocket which the chemistry teacher didn’t appreciate and my band used to write all our songs in biology.

As a researcher, I had to persuade an old man to wear a flesh coloured thong and fan dance. I felt so guilty about it and still do.

Cymraeg (Welsh)

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