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16 October 2014
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Key Skills

Some skills are known nationally as Key Skills. They are the vital ones that you need to do well in education and training, to succeed at work and to get on in life.

You can get qualifications in each of the six Key Skills at levels 1(easiest) to 5 (hardest). Most young people take levels 1, 2 or 3.

What are the Key Skills?


  • taking part in discussions
  • giving presentations
  • reading and understanding information
  • writing different types of documents

Application of number

  • interpreting different sorts of information
  • carrying out calculations
  • interpreting results
  • presenting and explaining findings

Information and Communication Technology

  • finding, choosing and using information
  • exploring and developing information
  • presenting information like text, images and numbers

Problem Solving

  • Identifying problems and coming up with different solutions
  • Planning and testing different options
  • Checking whether solutions have worked
  • Reviewing approaches to tackling problems

Working with Others

  • Working with others, one-to- one and in groups ·
  • Deciding what you want to achieve
  • Making a plan and working with others to achieve your aims
  • Discussing and agreeing improvements

Improving Own Learning and Performance

  • Setting goals and targets for improvement
  • Planning how you will achieve your targets
  • Getting support and feedback from others
  • Reviewing your progress
  • Collecting evidence of your achievements

Why do I need Key Skills?

  • Key Skills are basic skills that affect everything else you do.
  • They can help you achieve higher grades.
  • They can help you do better at work
  • Employers, colleges and universities like them so they can help you get into jobs and courses.
  • They widen your job choice.
  • They allow you flexibility in future job and career moves.
  • They’re also useful in your personal life.

Key Skills qualification

UCAS points and Key Skills


Improve your job prospects by finding out more about the skills employers want.

Cymraeg (Welsh)


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