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16 October 2014
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Find interviews stressful? Get nervous beforehand? Feel you don’t always do your best? You’re not alone! Most of us dislike job interviews. But, you can improve your chances with the key to interview success …. preparation!

Ten tips for interview success

What not to do in an interview


1. Turn up late/at the wrong place/on the wrong day/at the wrong time!

2. Enter the interviewer’s room without knocking, or sit down without being asked.

3. Chew, smoke or have anything in your mouth.

4. Crack jokes. (This can sound as if you’re not taking things seriously or don’t really care.)

5. Look scruffy or if you haven’t made an effort with your appearance.

6. Give one word answers (‘yes’ and ‘no’) to questions.

7. Sound vague about your exam results or past job history (they’ll think you’ve got something to hide.)

8. Say anything which is untrue.

9. Ask questions (‘how long are the tea breaks?’) which make it sound as if you’re only interested in what’s in it for you.

10. Talk too little …. or too much!

Try our interactive interview


Cymraeg (Welsh)


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