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16 October 2014
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Which Subject(s)?

There are literally thousands of different HE subjects to choose from. The problem is - knowing where to start!

What subjects can I study?

  • school subjects like history and chemistry
  • new subjects like psychology, digital imaging and genetics
  • applied subjects like business studies, engineering and design
  • vocational subjects like teaching, occupational therapy and surveying
  • performing arts subjects like music, dance and drama

Where do I start?

No idea what subjects(s) you want to study at university? Make a short list from:

1. Your present A/AS, AVCE/BTEC or Access subjects.

2. Subjects linked to your present sixth form/college subjects.

(For example if you’re taking maths, physics and chemistry now, you could look at engineering, computer science or medical courses as well as pure sciences. If you’re taking arts subjects now, you could look at social science degree courses as well as humanities subjects.)

3. Subjects related to your career ideas e.g. computing, teaching, law, accountancy, medicine.

4. Anything else that takes your fancy!

Take it from me...

In terms of workload, you do half and half in each subject... read more>>

David Treadwell


You can find course ideas in HE reference books, the ECCTIS computer programme or visit the UCAS web site.

Choosing HE subjects - checklist


Cymraeg (Welsh)


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