Pembroke's Norman history

Pembroke town centre

Writer and presenter Phil Carradice has put together this fascinating walk around the beautiful town of Pembroke in south west Wales.

This walk is suitable for all of the family and this relatively flat and gentle circular stroll around the town walls will provide a fascinating insight into life in Norman Wales.

While much of the Norman fabric and buildings have gone, enough remains to capture the imagination. Pembroke was the most important Norman settlement in west Wales. After the castle was founded in 1093 as a simple motte and bailey structure the town grew rapidly.

It is a perfect example of a fortified artificial borough where settlers would have been brought in to work, living in houses built along the crest of a long limestone ridge with the castle at the end. Those settlers would be expected to work for the Norman lords and even help defend the town. In return they were presented with charters that gave them the right to hold fairs and markets.


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