North West Wales

Tommy Handley, Sydney Keith (Sam Scram), Horace Percival (The Diver, Allez 00p, etc), Jack Train

North West Wales

Plunge into the region's rich history, from the Iron Age to the 20th century.

BBC in Bangor

A long and colourful association with the town.

Celtic Heritage

Go back in time to the Iron Age.

Maritime memories

Our seas have been home to many adventures.

Black History

The ethnic groups that make up our community.

The People's War

The effects of World War Two were felt all over Britain.

Thomas Telford

His impact on the landscape and life of the region.


Travel back in time to the Roman invasion of the British Isles.

Industrial history

From early mining days to Anglesey's forgotten railway lines.


Projects in Anglesey and Gwynedd have featured.

Family history


Getting started

Tracing your Welsh roots? Pick up some tips in our guides.

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