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Hidden Histories, episode one

Toby Driver, the Royal Commission's aerial archaeologist, visits the site of a mysterious parch-mark in a field in the Conwy valley that he spotted during the drought of 2006. He investigates the site with David Longley and David Hopewell from Gwynedd Archaeological Trust to decide if they really are the ghost of a long-lost medieval church.

The shape of the remains confirmed by geophysics is unmistakably that of early Norman churches.

Conwy's medieval church

The dry summer of 2006 produced a surprise in a field near Llwydfaen in the Conwy valley. There appeared to be the characteristic outline of a small medieval church in a place where no church is ever known to have existed. Toby Driver, Royal Commission's aerial archaeologist, spotted it during one of his regular flights to monitor known archaeological sites and discover new ones.

Find out more about the site, on the Royal Commission's website.

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Stained glass

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