Help with the stories

Here's a handy guide to using the myths stories.

The start screen from Morgan's Secret island

Getting started

1. Explore the screens. Some screens have hidden animations. Move your mouse across the screen to find them.

2. Start story full-screen: clicking on this button at the start of the story will display the story full-screen.

3. Start story: clicking on this button will show the story in a smaller size.

Sabrina's Mountain Adventure story

Left / Right arrows: jump between story paragraphs using these arrows. Click the right arrow to move to the next paragraph. Click the left arrow to go to the previous paragraph.

Controls: this panel at the bottom of the screen can be activated by clicking on the word 'Controls'. To make the panel bigger click on 'Controls' and the panel will expand. If you want to make the panel smaller just click on 'Controls' again and the panel will shrink.

Example of a chapter lozenge

Chapter lozenges: each story is broken into chapters. Roll your mouse over each chapter (lozenge) and you will see the picture for that particular chapter. Clicking
on a picture will take you to the start of the paragraph.

Stop / Pause button: click on this button to pause the story. Clicking on the button again will play the story.

Continuous play: this will play the audio for the whole story. If you want to control the audio then switch this function off.

Time display: this shows how much of the story has been played and how long the story is.

The control buttons: time display, text button, volume control and screen display

Text button: this controls the display on the text. You can choose to read along with the story text displayed or turn the text off.

Volume control: use the slider to control the volume of the story.

Screen display button: click on this to either show the story full-screen or at its smaller size.


Sabrina's Mountain Adventure story

Sabrina's Mountain Adventure

See what Sabrina finds on the mountain.


The Beast of Bont

Escape the Beast

Oh no! Sabrina has woken the Beast of Bont. Help her escape the angry creature.

Iron Age Celts

Iron Age Celts

Iron Age Celts

Find out who lived in Wales 2,000 years ago.

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