Crowds greet the Prince

Your memories of the investiture

We asked you to get in touch and tell us about your memories of the investiture of Prince Charles. Here are some of those you've sent in.

I was in the castle grounds

I was one of the youngest members of the choir in the castle on the day of the investiture. I have so many memories, but one I love is when we were travelling to the castle in coaches and the crowds were already lining the streets. We were singing in the coach, and had to stop for something. There was a great big burly policeman outside our coach, who suddenly turned round, grinned and started conducting us! The crowd cheered like mad!

Ann Bond, Weston-super-Mare

A fantastic time for Caernarfon

It was such a fantastic time for Caernarfon, the old streets were full of people from all over the UK and the world. Everyone were so happy and so full of joy seeing the old town so alive! I wish that the Prince would visit here today. I wish H.R.H all the very best for his 40th. God Bless Sir.

Paula Morris-Jones, Caernarfon

Remembering Lord Snowdon

I remember the investiture clearly as I was present, aged 18, during the ceremony - representing the Boys' Brigade. My 'investiture chair' made by Remploy for the occasion stands in my study.

Most vivid is my memory of Lord Snowdon dashing about in his bottle green uniform.

Martin Johns, Towcester

Looking back it was magical

I was living in Caernarfon at the time. The weeks leading up to the day were busy and exciting but unfortunately this was shadowed by an undercurrent of fear as the Welsh extremists were threatening some disruption. I was lucky to be living close to the processional route so I could go out and cheer the Royal family on their way in and out of town and then go indoors and watch the ceremony at the castle on TV. Yes, of course we celebrated, the young children had a brilliant street party and the grown-ups went for a good night out with plenty of singing and dancing around the Castle. Looking back it was magical!

Ann Dunn, Flintshire

We were all given mugs

It was a huge event, I attended Radnor Road Junior School School Cardiff and we were all given mugs, watched it on tv and had the afternoon off. I feel really old now!

Nigel Harris, Barry



Coal mining

The 20th century was a tough and turbulent time for Welsh miners.

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