Orange Order March

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An Orange March in Belfast.

1980's footage of an Orange March in Belfast, an annual event that takes places around July 12th in various places in Northern Ireland. A pointer to modern day conflicts within the United Kingdom, reflecting a troubled history of inter-religious conflict, that while lessened by more recent history, still breaks out sporadically.
From: The Celts The Birth of Nations
First broadcast : 21 May 1987

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 11-14,14-16

Subject : History, Religious Education

Topic : Modern Wales and Britain, Twentieth century world, Religion and politics

Keywords : Northern Ireland, Orangemen, Irish republicans,Religious conflict

Notes : Points to study - Why is there conflict in Northern Ireland? Who are the Orange marchers? Why are they marching in the clip? What happened in the battle of the Boyne? What is the position today in Northern Ireland?

WWll and Wales

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Wartime women

Welsh women joined the war effort in factories, farms and the forces.

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