Lloyd George and Welshness

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His early life and home area in north Wales.

A look at the early life of Welsh politician David Lloyd George with film showing the area where he was brought up including his home village of Llanystumdwy. Includes a newspaper report on his first election win in 1890 where he beat the incumbent Conservative by 18 votes.
From: Yesterday's Witness; David Lloyd George Welshman
First broadcast : 27 July 1970

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 11-14,14-16,16+

Subject : History

Topic : History of Wales and England 1880-1980, Industrial Wales and Britain, Modern Wales and Britain, Twentieth century world

Keywords : David Lloyd George, Politics, Prime Ministers of Great Britain, Wales and England in the early 20th century, Development of Wales 1900-2000, Llanystumdwy,

Notes :
HISTORY KS3: Twentieth Century World. Industrial Wales and Britain between 1760 and 1914. Aspects of local history - Caernarfon area.
GCSE: Wales and England in the early 20th century 1900-1919. Development of Wales 1900-2000. Famous people of Wales.
A-Level: Wales and England in the early 20th century 1900-1919. Aspects of the history of Wales and England 1880-1980. Change and conflict in Wales between 1900 and 1918.
Welsh Baccalaureate: Wales Europe and the World.
Politics: Prime Ministers of Great Britain.
OPPORTUNITIES TO DEVELOP SKILLS IN HISTORY: Develop knowledge and understanding of the early years of Lloyd George and his home area. Use previous knowledge and enquiry skills to assess the value of the clip as a piece of historic evidence. Through use of previous knowledge and a variety of evidential sources, consider the 3 quotes underneath and form an opinion of their historical validity:- a) "Lloyd George had his enemies elsewhere but here in North Wales, he was worshipped." b) "He gave an identity to Wales in the eyes of the world and made the Welshman feel proud of the fact that Lloyd George was Welsh." c) "People in north Wales still remember him fondly"
OPPORTUNITIES TO DEVELOP WIDER SKILLS: Improve research skills. Develop the 4 literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through a variety of exercises. Develop skills necessary for co-working through exercises such as role-play, work in pairs and groupwork.
SUGGESTIONS FOR SETTING CRITERIA TO EVALUATE LESSON SUCCESS: Ask pupils if they can: 1) explain why there is such a close connection between Lloyd George and North Wales. 2) Understand the strengths and limitations of the documentary as a source of historical evidence. 3) Can form an opinion on the historical validity of some of the statements made in the clip.

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