The General Strike 1926

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Jim Griffiths remembers the 1926 general strike in Ammanford.

Excerpt from 1969 radio interview with Jim Griffiths, the 1st Welsh Secretary of State in Harold Wilson's Labour Government of 1964, who remembers the hard days of the 1926 general strike in his home town, Ammanford.
From: Bread and Roses
First broadcast : 06 March 1969

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 11-14

Subject : History

Topic : Twentieth century world

Keywords : General strike

Notes : Why did workers choose a strike as a means of protest? " had begun to play an important part in our lives" Why? Look at the early history of broadcasting in Wales. What was the background to the slogan -"not a penny off the pay, not a minute off the day"? Why did Griffiths criticize the coal mine owners?

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