Tarren Deusant

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Procession to Tarren Deusant in the Llantrisant area in 1965.

On Whitsun Monday 1965 (7th June) a pilgrimage led by local clergy and Colonel Rhodri Traherne took the road from Traherne's house at Castellau in the Llantrisant area to a natural spring and altar stone nearby called Tarren Deusant. This place, locally called 'The Druid's Altar', though its origins are more likely to be Christian than druidic, has a spring with unusual petrosomatoglyph carvings of two faces on the rocks above. The footage includes a wooden frame at the site which does not exist today.
From: Wales News Archive
First broadcast : 7 June 1965

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 7-9,9-11,11-14,14-16

Subject : History

Topic : Early modern world, Medieval Wales, Twentieth century world

Keywords : Llantrisant, Petrosomatoglyph, Rock carvings, Christianity, Druidism, History of religion

Notes : Rare footage of an unusual place in the Llantrisant / Beddau area. Useful for local studies in the area. Also has links to druidism and early Christianity ( believed to be near to the pilgrim's route between Llantwit Major and Penrhys).

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