Tudor Food

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A Tudor kitchen in a wealthy house.

Reconstruction showing the work of the servants and the women of the household in the kitchen in a large wealthy Tudor house. Includes recipes, cookery styles,Tudor food and the role of the servants' in preparing meals.
From: Zig Zag Tudor Life Food A Housewife's Story
First broadcast : 05 October 1998

Teachers' notes

Age Group : 7-9

Subject : History

Topic : Tudors and Stuarts

Keywords : Tudors, Tudor kitchen, Tudor food, Tudor recipes,

Notes : Can use clip to look at Tudor eating habits - How would pupils of today like Tudor food? How would it have felt to be a servant working in the kitchen? Also could study the working life of the kitchen servants in Tudor times.

WWll and Wales

Factory worker

Wartime women

Welsh women joined the war effort in factories, farms and the forces.

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